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A happy family laughing in their vehicle protected and kept safe by Cartrack's GPS tracking mobility solution.

Keep yourself, your loved ones and your car safe

Our advanced GPS IoT car tracking devices give you all the visibility you need so you can have peace-of-mind knowing your loved ones are safe.

See your vehicle’s live location and full trip history

Know exactly where your vehicles are in real-time so you can be sure your loved ones reach their destinations safely and receive comprehensive trip reports for up to 5 years that show you where your vehicles have been.

A screenshot of a vehicle history showing gps location of a vehicle and how and when it was driven
A screenshot from Cartrack driver behavior monitoring solution that shows a report of driver behaviour

Improve your safety on the road

Our driver scorecards show you when and where you speed, accelerate quickly, and corner or brake too fast so you can drive safer and lower your fuel and maintenance costs.

Your easy, accurate and tax-compliant logbook

Automatically log your vehicle trips without lifting a pen and record business or personal trips, and add sides notes so you know what they were for. Our hassle-free and tax-compliant logbook will make your claiming process effortless.

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