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Keep your drivers safe

Easily coach drivers and establish a safety-first culture within your team

Improve driving behaviour and reduce accidents

Our driver scorecards rate each driver on how safely they drive by monitoring high-risk behaviour such as speeding, harsh accelerating, cornering or braking, helping you know what areas to tackle in your coaching sessions.

A screenshot from Cartrack fleet management solution for driver safety - highlight and monitors driver behaviour including excessive speeding, harsh turning and corner braking with video footage.
Software solution that allows that only authorized drivers operate specialised machinery or vehicle.

Keep drivers fit for the wheel

Driver ID tags, automated work log reports and a breathalyser will ensure only authorised, well-rested and non-intoxicated drivers operate your vehicles and machinery.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Keep your vehicle maintenance, road infringements, accidents, repair costs and insurance premiums down by taking proper care of your assets.

Screenshot that shows how much a vehicle spent last month and comparing it to this month with a graph.
Track trends and reward drivers - A green bar graph that allows you to compare driver records to the previous periods.

Track trends and reward drivers

Monitor how your fleet’s driving behaviour improves from high to low-risk and easily develop data-driven safety incentive programs for your team, helping you increase driver buy-in and retention.

Real-time alerts and efficient training

Our AI-powered SmartCabin cameras analyse internal and external surroundings, allowing you to detect and alert drivers in real time of any high-risk behaviour and avoid accidents. All footage of any incidents is stored on our cloud platform for effective coaching.