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Understanding Cartrack’s Fleet Telematics to benefit your productivity and business growth

Long gone are the days of sending out your fleet of vehicles from dispatch and waiting to hear if they arrived at their destination (or worse, not!). The unknown factors of vehicle Fleet Management have effectively been eradicated, thanks to Cartrack’s advanced vehicle telematics systems.

What is Telematics?
Telematics has arisen from the convergence of telecommunications and information processing. The term has evolved to refer to the automation of information delivery to and from vehicles. For example, the invention of the emergency warning system, GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones, wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance systems are all covered under the telematics term.

Cartrack Fleet Telematics
Cartrack’s telematics technologies provide information to Fleet Managers, empowering them with instantaneous information at their fingertips, which greatly increases productivity, mitigates risk and saves money. The system records incidents such as harsh braking, fuel consumption, fuel theft, odometer reading, excessive idling, and GPS positioning, enabling Fleet Managers to manage efficiencies within their fleet. Armed with this information, Fleet Managers can take steps to prevent incidents by monitoring driver behaviour to improve productivity impacting on the business’s bottom line.

Fleet Telematics – the beginning of the end, for wasted Fleet expenditure
Cartrack’s Fleet Solutions are created to save Fleet Managers, not only time, but money and even lives. Completely customisable, the Fleet solutions are perfect for both small businesses, possibly running one or two bakkies, to big organisations that run medium to large trucks. Cartrack’s committed and bespoke approach to Fleet Management works for all types of vehicle users. Each device transmits up-to-the-second information on nearly every aspect of the vehicle, including; speed, positioning, driving behaviour such as harsh braking and hard turning. Armed with this information from Cartrack’s Fleet Management Solutions, managers are in control of every aspect of their fleet.

User – friendly Fleet Management interface
After logging in, Fleet Managers are presented with an easy to use interface, capable of setting agendas and plans for each vehicle or driver – down to the finest detail, including; routes, driving times, alerts etc. Fleet Managers will mitigate insurance risk and see a decrease in maintenance cost by monitoring driver behaviour.

Route selection allows Fleet Managers to create custom movements for each vehicle, with pickup and delivery information relayed directly to the vehicle’s driver, saving on possible wasted time and money. The system will alert to driver deviation once the vehicle deviates off route.

Geofencing allows Fleet Managers to select certain ‘no go zones’. If one of the fleet vehicles enters a no-go area, the system alerts mangers via SMS, so no matter where they are, they can react to the discrepancy immediately. Geofencing can also be utilised to highlight ‘go-zones’ for example, customer delivery zones and is able to report on delivery progress.

E-toll reporting this system gives accurate estimations and calculations on vehicle expenditure due to the SANRAL e-tolls, allowing Fleet Managers to plan ahead anticipating monthly e-toll charges.

The tools to define best practice for new businesses
With all these modern and innovative vehicle systems benefitting Fleet Managers, it allows time to focus attention on creating ‘internal best practices’ further increasing productivity. Some companies are now using our advanced telematics to offer drivers’ incentive based bonuses and report that their productivity has improved by 10% and for the past 6 months they haven’t experienced a serious driver incident.

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To learn more about Cartrack’s Fleet Management visit:
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Long gone are the days of sending out your fleet of vehicles from dispatch and waiting to hear if they arrived at their destination (or worse, not!).