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Duelling with Fuel

Fossil fuels are finite, the possibilities with it aren’t. There are several businesses governed by fossil fuels and fleets rely heavily on fuel price. The economy and market forces have a strong hold over how a business functions, with variable factors such as volatile gas prices, employee error, fraud, bad driving behavior and theft contributing positively or negatively to business revenue.

As an entrepreneur catering to a large audience, maintaining and managing a fuel efficient fleet is quite a handful, but not impossible. Cartrack has envisioned the necessary tools to help companies take a step in that direction by assisting them manage fuel efficiency. Vehicle suitability contributes to revenue, however, a lot can be done to make your fleet perform better using the Cartrack technology.

Cartrack helps you reduce the impact of the market forces by providing you vital, real-time information about the intricacies that make your fleet tick, or the lack thereof. Fleet managers depend on projections and a lot of strategies and planning built up by a fleet manager can come crashing down with the slightest change in fuel costs. However, the greatest of contingencies can be battled with a well-equipped and well-informed fleet manager. Cartrack’s fleet management solution helps you focus on what is actually happening within your business, giving you confidence when making informed strategic business decisions.

Managers can use the information provided by Cartack’s fleet management solution to help them manage the following challenges:

Unauthorized driving
Idle time
Fuel theft
Cost projection
Long and inefficient routes

Implementation of fleet management solutions that are right for your organization can help manage, reduce and mitigate problems before they spiral out of proportion and negatively impact revenue. A firm’s fuel costs can increase due to one or more of the following reasons:

Accounting errors
Inefficient route planning
Road work, traffic
Poor driver behavior
Theft or fraud
Frequency of Fuel Costs Exceeding Projections

Automation – A necessity

High volumes of transactions generate a lot of data. In today’s digital age, businesses rely heavily on automation and data processing to reduce manual errors and report minor issues before they become major concerns. A fleet management system is a necessity for the telematics sector, as manual data entry and management for large enterprises is error prone and very labour intensive. Automating the analysis of data like mileage, transactions, kilometers covered, receipts etc., help businesses in gathering insights, keep a check on expenses and reduce errors or changes to their records. Armed with real-time and historical data, an organization can analyze problems that have occurred in the past and try and reduce them in the future.

A turnkey solution that integrates multiple facets of a fleet management business, such as fuel payment services and fleet tracking ensure a greater sense of control that betters customer experience, ensures high availability leading to customer retention and satisfaction.

Concerns and their abatement

Driver behaviour and mannerism isn’t something that can be enforced via training or bound by contract. Sadly, there is not much companies can do to ensure that drivers are always well behaved and act their best at all times while on the job. Behavioural issues can include non-compliance to client requests, pilferage and fraud, increased idle time and fraudulent fuel expense reports. We at Cartrack understand issues that our customers face and the difficulty they have in enforcing solutions to these problems. Our world-class fleet management software help our customers concentrate on the core aspects of their businesses, while providing them real-time data analysis and control to curb issues at all times, and even before they occur.

Cartrack’s fleet management software monitors and identifies driver issues by enabling clients to give a rating to and choose drivers based on their rating. This helps put customers in control and provides them data that allows them to objectively assess drivers, and provide inputs to help them improve efficiency while driving. This also helps fleet managers recognize and reward higher-performing drivers and motivating underperforming staff, creating a positive work environment.


Fleet management software can help you manage and increase business revenue in more ways than one. From enhanced monetary allocation to targeted data collection, refined fuel-cost estimates and a profiled user experience of the drivers that are a core aspect of your fleet. Fleet management software also present users with a seamless environment where all aspects of a fleet business are governed by one solution rather than having to jump from one program to another. Creating an immaculately planned and organized system that will have an answer to nearly all your pressing queries, with insights that will not just speak of the surface level issues that are afflicting your business but the what threatens the core of it, so that you can address grave concerns at the earliest.

Fossil fuels are finite, the possibilities with it aren’t. There are several businesses governed by fossil fuels and fleets rely heavily on fuel price.