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Car buying tips for women

What a woman needs to know when buying a car is exactly the same as what a man needs to know. But there’s no getting around it. Women are treated differently when buying a car.

Car dealerships and sales people can be intimidating, make sure you have done your homework before starting the search for your dream vehicle. Here’s a list of things to help you on your way.

Decide on a few things first: Decide on what type of vehicle you want and what features are negotiable and non-negotiable. For example, do you want a 2 or 4 door, must it have airbags, electric windows and ABS?

Do some research: Find out what cars fit your profile by researching online – 2 to 3 options are best, once you have seen them in person and gone on a test drive, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

What can you really afford? Figure out what you can really afford and stick to it. Remember to think of the license and registration fees as well as the cost of servicing your vehicle and replacing the tyres.

Know the details: Know the specifics of the cars you are looking at, the more information you have, the more informed questions you can ask at the dealer. This also ensures that you are not sold something you didn’t want.

Negotiate:  Everything is negotiable; from the price of the car you are planning to purchase to the value of your trade-in. Be prepared to haggle!

Don’t buy on impulse:  Don’t feel bad for the sales person or think you will lose out on the deal. The sales process is a ‘game’ and chances are if you walk out, you will get another offer from them closer to what you actually want.

Consider an older model: If you can’t get your dream car at the price you want, look at a slightly older model. Chances are you’ll find a car with slightly more features for less.

Extended warranties: The dealership will try to sell you an extended warranty and service plan. Make sure you know exactly what it covers and do you your homework to find out if will make financial sense for you to take them.

Check with insurance: Before you make an offer, contact your insurance company to find out what your premiums will be. You may find it is higher than you expected and that you need to continue your search.

Vehicle Tracking devices: Make sure you protect your new car! Most insurance companies will lower your premium if you have a vehicle tracking unit installed. Follow this link to find the list of units Cartrack has to offer.

Cartrack offers a range of Stolen Vehicle Recovery products designed to meet the realities of modern day anti-theft and vehicle recovery. The Cartrack system uses the GSM network as its primary communication platform – the most extensive network currently available to the vehicle tracking industry. The combination of this technology, as well as RF technology allows for the immediate location and real-time tracking of your vehicle.

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